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GRHC-Owned Affordable Housing Complexes

The GRHC currently operates seven low-income housing developments—two designed for families with children and five retirement communities tailored to meet the housing and supportive needs of older and disabled adults.

Hope Community
Rapid Re‑Housing Program

Watch the video above to learn how you can support homeless families in our community!

The GRHC also administers Hope Community, a rapid re‑housing program that serves homeless mothers and their children. Referrals to this program are made through The Salvation Army.

Our facilities include a Service Center that features 12 private apartments, each equipped with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms appropriate to the family’s size. As residents gain the skills they need to progress toward independent living, they receive a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher that empowers them to find private rental housing in our community. Hope Community employs on-site case managers to help link program participants with health care and child care, job training programs, transportation and many other needed resources.

Click Hope Community Wish List to learn how you can assist some of our community’s most vulnerable families as a Hope Community Rapid Re-Housing Program donor or volunteer.

Hope Community receives a federal Supportive Housing Grant that is administered through the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness. Click Privacy Notice to read about the confidentiality and informational rights of residents served through this program.

Family Developments

Campau Commons Apartments and Creston Plaza Apartments offer one- to four-bedroom units to low‑income households, including families, senior citizens and the disabled. Monthly rents are based on each tenant’s ability to pay and are no more than 30 percent of a household’s adjusted monthly income. Both developments offer easy access to transportation, schools, parks and other amenities important to families that include children.

The GRHC also administers a Scattered Sites Program that offers duplex units and a limited number of single-family, rent-to-own homes to eligible low-income households.

While the GRHC is currently accepting new applicants to our family developments, applicants should be aware that there is a significant wait to rent due to a lengthy existing waiting list. The timeframe from application to rental for Campau Commons or Creston Plaza ranges from two to seven years depending on the unit size required (longest wait is for a one‑bedroom unit, shortest is for a three- or four‑bedroom unit). The wait to rent through our Scattered Sites Program is currently about four years.

Click Family Developments for more information, including details of amenities offered at each development and income eligibility limits.

Families in need of immediate housing may wish to search the free rental databased maintained by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority: michiganhousinglocator.com.

*DISCLAIMER: The Housing Commission is pleased to offer the convenience of links to agencies that provide housing and emergency services. Please note that the linked sites are external to the GRHC’s website. The GRHC cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by linked sites. The GRHC disclaims all responsibility for the contents and results provided through linked websites.

Senior Apartments

The GRHC offers eligible older and disabled adults convenient, hassle‑free apartment living at well‑maintained housing developments located throughout the city. One- and two-bedroom units are available to ages 55* and older, with income-based rent—typically 30 percent of adjusted monthly household income.

*Tenants ages 55-61 must be disabled to receive a federal rental subsidy.

Click Senior Apartments for more information, including details of amenities offered at each development and income eligibility limits.

Adams Park Apartments

Adams Park Apartments
Adams Park Apartments is a 188-unit facility that serves disabled and older adults.
Fact Sheet

Adams Park Apartments is a retirement development designed specifically to meet the needs of disabled adults and seniors ages 62 and older.

Adams Park tenants are assisted by a full-time GRHC Resident Services Specialist. An innovative partnership with the Grand Valley State University Kirkhof College of Nursing and social work interns from local colleges and universities help to ensure that residents are linked with needed health care, wellness and social resources.

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